OS/2 Guru - Warpstock Europe 2017 (July, 2016)OS/2 Guru - Warpstock Europe 2017 (July, 2016)

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Warpstock Europe 2017 (July, 2016)

  Date: 2016-10-01 05:15:14
Correspondent: Eugene Gorbunoff
Source: os2.guru

Announcement from: July, 2016 / Roderick Klein


Yes while the website still needs to be updated and details still need to be put online. I am pleased to announce that OS/2 VOICE will be hosting Warpstock Europe 2017 in Rotterdam the Netherlands.

The location will be the Central library. Dates 20 May Saturday and Sunday.

There MAYBE a social event on Friday evening but this is not CERTAIN YET. I need to work out the final details. Before I say yes. But event location is booked!

Access for 2 days will 50 Euro. The location is a bit expensive, but the location is perfect. Mayor intercity train station under the library. A direct train from Schiphol (Dutch national airport). (one stop from Rotterdam Central station).

If you would like to support OS/2 VOICE and Warpstock Europe 2017! https://www.arcanoae.com/shop/voice-sponsoring/

While some people that can not make it to Warpstock who sponsor VOICE. We will provide a videostream again so you can tune in! The event this year (Warpstock Europe 2016) in our view has been inspiring for all. People talked about new OS/2 projects to develop! In other words Warpstock Europe played its part to keep OS/2 moving forward.

Regards, Roderick Klein / President OS/2 VOICE