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LG U8130


LG U8130

Mark: Good

In VOICE newsletter june 2006 Ed Durrant wrote an article on connecting his eCS computer to internet via an LG 8330 cell phone. The article is here. Well I decided to try it out on my LG U8130 and it turned out to work. Instead of Injoy dialer (which Ed used) I tried eCSCoNet dialer coming with eComStation. Read Eds article for a more comprehensive walkthrough. Here's the steps I took:

Phone: No preparing needed for my part. You may need to download "internet settings" from your phone network provider if you haven't done before. My APN (access point name) says eg services.djuice.se .


  • If you don't have it earlier - add a line loading usbcom.sys to config.sys. In my case it says: DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\USBCOM.SYS /N:COM4. (Ed choosed COM8. That didn't work for me, eCSCoNet just shows 1-4.) Be shure that usbcom.sys exists on you system, otherwise download from ecomstation.com. Now reboot
  • On desktop open up Internet>Dial-up tools. Start "Configure eCSCoNet with internet assistant".
  • Go through some "Next steps", then choose "Serial port (Modem or virtual device)" and press NEXT. Call your connection something, eg "LG". On phonenumber write 99 (*99# is required but eCSCoNet just allows numbers). Choose "Automatic DNS.." and press NEXT
  • Domain is required. I wrote djuice.se which is my providers domain. Other fields will be filled automatically, just let them be that and press NEXT
  • Set COM port to whatever you choosed in "DEVICE" statement above, in my case COM4. Set baudrate to highest, 115200. I can't get it higher. Press NEXT
  • Just press NEXT again and again (direct connection)and again. There uncheck IBM dialer, it wont work (or it is harder to make it work). Press NEXT
  • You have to fill in "Full name" and "User name". It's not needed so you can write anything. I just wrote "x" and "m". Press NEXT and choose "Let dial in program prompt for password" Press NEXT. And press NEXT again. And again.
  • Now just check "Configure these values" and press NEXT. Program gets configurated. Press NEXT again and then FINISH

Put your phone into USB and it will show up in USB-dock (Programs>Utilities). Open eCSCONet and choose your connection name. Press DIAL.

As you choosed "Let dial in program prompt for password" above it will do that. And when it does you can add a "*" before "99" and a "#" afterwords in the number. Do that and the press DIAL. In a moment eCSCoNet will show your IP and you're up! (I noticed that if I disconnect I have to reboot my phone to make it work again). My speed was about 150 kb/s. I don't know if it is possible to get it higher if one can set a higher baude rate in some way. Anyway it works very well. Rates in Sweden is about 10 SEK (1 euro)/MB. So its ok to surf around a bit and check mail and so on.

When there is time I will test this on other phones in my family and try them out as well.


Información enviada por: melf -- 2010-02-23 19:05:28



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