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eComStation on injection moulding machines

TITLE: eComStation on injection moulding machines

DATE: 2005-12-01 12:20:26

AUTHOR: eComStation client

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We use eComStation in a part of our injection moulding machines as a replacement for OS/2 which has a bug that has not been solved with the numerours fixpacks but has disappeared in eComStation.

The control consists of a cabinet containing several processor cards running under a realtime OS and a number of I/O cards doing the real control of the machine. In addition there is an industrial PC running under OS/2 or eComStation connected by Ethernet to the control processor cards. This IPC is for visualization of the control data, for programming of the machine parameters and for storing of machine data sets and production data. The customer (machine operator) does not see anything of the operating system except some driver messages just after booting. There is no standard desktop/workplace shell. We have our own user interface. The machine operator has no access to the operating system or programs besides the control application.

It is planned to use eComStation as a replacement for the several thousand OS/2 systems out there in case of a failure of the industrial PC. We are going to build a new IPC with a new mainboard, but otherwise fully compatible (same functionality, same connectors, same interfaces, same dimensions). This new IPC must run under eComStation. If that works, eComStation will be the solution for our replacement concept.

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Vladimir Solovyov
2005-12-12 00:17:08

> We use eComStation in a part of our

> injection moulding machines as a

>replacement for OS/2 which has a bug

> that has not been solved with the >numerours fixpacks but has disappeared

>in eComStation.

What bug did you mean ?

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